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We offer online reputation management services in Bangalore but we are open to clients from all over India. We specialize in the Online Reputation Management of Indian as well as International firms. But our specialization for Indian firms is quite evident as we know how to improvise the people to build the air of positivity among the customers. We are the best Online Reputation Management firm of India and have a formidable past experience in the background.
A well-managed media campaign along with an innovative campaign can repel the negativity the brand or the company had developed in no time and recreate a positive vibe in the industry. It is easier to start from the scratch as the brand has an option to move ahead from zero. But the products or the brand with a negative reputation has a lofty task of expunging the negativity to reach the zero level from the abyss and then put all its hard work to build the reputation of the brand.
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Social media has become a very significant platform to increase the reach and improve the potential of the Reputation Management Campaigns. Focusing on this platform helps in instant rebranding and if the campaign gets viral, the brand gets an impetus and it becomes a hit overnight. If the campaign is a catchy one, people on social media themselves become the promoters of the products. These genuine promotions are free of cost and increase the visibility exponentially. Our team of Social Media Reputation Management is adept in creating such campaigns and has a lot of brands to refurbish their tarnished image in the industry.

After conducting a reputation management campaign for your brand or product, we provide you the Reputation Management Report. This report in itself is the answer to whether the hard work of the team has fruitioned or not. It contains the statistics and other data regarding the status before and after the campaign. It also showcases the feedback of the people regarding your company, the products or the services on the internet. We also segregate the negative as well as positive reviews and provide the details to the client. We keep a track on every such negative review which is quite frequently available on the SERPs. Such reviews have the potential to destroy the whole campaign and have a significant effect on the sales and enquiries of the product.

There are various methods to reduce or minimize competition and thus many rivals tend to indulge in negative campaigning. In such cases, the damage is already done before the company comes to know about the issue and take proactive measures. We provide assistance to our clients to fend off these cheap tricks by keeping a tab on the feedbacks and reviews posted on the website. Every negative or not so positive review is looked into to check whether any bots are involved in maligning the image of the company. If this is the case, the reviews are instantly reported to the website and measures are taken. This helps the brand as well as the customers to get genuine reviews.

Online Reputation Management requires the clients to share each and every detail of the product or the service so that a perfect campaign should be panned out. However, this makes certain companies skeptical of the privacy and other issues. We assure our clients that our database is secure to hacking and has a multi-layer anti-hacking protection so that no data can be stolen. We also keep it in mind not to divulge any details of the products or services and never infringe over the copyright issues of the client.

Please contact us or drop a mail stating your queries. You can also initiate a communication with us and let us know the intensity and size of your reputation management campaign. You can also send us your quote and we will get back to you within one working day with the best possible offer.

Online Reputation Management helps in improving the visibility of your page on the SERPs, improving the marred reputation of the website and draw in the visitors to the website by improvising the reputation of the company. It helps in inciting the customers and visitors to initiate the conversation and get influenced by whatever the company exhibits on its page. Online Reputation Management works in two ways, one, is to build the brand by introducing catchy campaigns and increase the positivity of the company and second, repair the damage done and expunge its negative effects to create a vibe of likeliness.

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