Your company’s online reputation is very important. If you want your business to grow, then you have to do all you can in order to learn how to remove complaints from Google Search Results. Remember that around 90% of all purchases in the online world start with a search engine inquiry. People want to see reviews and consumer complaints before they purchase from you. So, it’s important to learn how to remove complaints from Google Search results if you want to have a pristine image online.

Does Google remove consumer complaints?

As you can imagine, Google ( Remove Complaints from Google Search Results) has a strict policy when it comes to removing complaints. They are focused on levelling the playing field for everyone. So, it’s not like learning how to remove my name from Google search. It’s a lot more complicated. They will remove legal requests, child sexual abuse imagery and things like that. They can remove your personal info about the company if you ask them. But Google won’t ever remove any complaints or reviews.

That is, unless those complaints and reviews are defamatory and they don’t state the truth. If you have necessary proof for that, then you will be quite impressed with the uniqueness offered by the entire experience. It really is worth your time and effort to contact Google if this happens. If not, you should try to find another way.

Work with a Complaints Removal Company

As you saw, it’s very hard to learn how to remove complaints from Google. They won’t do it for you most of the time, so you have to find another way. A dedicated Complaints Removal business will help you do that. We  will understand the negative complaints about your brand and they will address them with both sentiment analysis and press release distribution. They will work hard to ensure you receive nothing but the very best results on the market.

You can also get a stellar conversion rate optimisation and you can even track the social media analytics when you need it the most. While it can take 5-7 days for consumer complaints to be removed, the overall results can be more than ok and very interesting. That’s definitely going to bring in front tremendous results, and you should totally check it out.

So, stop trying to find a way on how to remove negative consumer complaints from Google search results. Leave this task to professionals and you will not be disappointed. It really is a tremendous, unique experience and the outcome can be more than ok!